Installation of ICF Wall Systems

Prepare Footing or Slab

Concrete footing/slab must be straight and flat. Install a short length of vertical rebar and place alignment collars. Snap a chalk line for position of forms. Allow 4" for total form thickness plus bracing on 1 side.


Place Forms

Begin at the corners and work to center of walls. Glue first course to footing/pad and attach wood cleats at outside points of corners. Subsequent courses can be placed with alternating locations (running bond)or with common seams.



Asspecified by local code, place horizontal rebar on plastic spacers and wire tie. Place internal In-Wall Brace horizontally, every 4-feet up the wall. Vertical rebar is lowered into alignment collars prior to concrete placement.



After forms are assembled approx. 4' high, place outside braces every 6-8 feet. Place,adjust and anchor a diagonal brace at each vertical brace. LiteForm® may also be used to support a work platform. Prepare blow-out kit prior to concrete placement.


Windows and Doors

Window and doors bucks are placed as wall is assembled. Bucks are reinforced and left open at sill until concrete is placed. Door bucks are cut short of threshold approx. 1/2" to allow for settling. Make penetration openings for utilities, water, ets.



Concrete Placement

Place concrete in 4-foot lifts, 8 feet per hour. Place with reducer or elbow to slow velocity of concrete. Recommend 4-6" slump, 3/4" smooth aggregate, 3,000 to 3,500 psi mix. Vibrate internally or externally, during placement.



Electrical and Plumbing

Using a hot knife, cut openings for electrical boxes and witing channels following local building codes. Boxes are anchored directly to concrete. Channels for plumbing lines are carved in a similar manner.



Finishing and Waterproofing

Interior gypsum wallboard or paneling may be attached directly to the form's plastic spacers. For below-grade projects, waterproofing membranes are attached directly to form's exterior. Above-grade, brick fascia, EFIS or other finishes are attached per local building codes.