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Pre-assembled ICF "Block" forms can be used for single story or multi-story residential or commercial projects. Flat, monolithic cavities will accommodate all rebar requirements. Continuous furring strips, pre-molded corners and exclusive accessories make set-up and bracing quick and simple. High density packaging reduces shipping and handling cost up to 50% ( when compared to rigid ICF systems). Full hardware packages are available to build virtually any wall shape.

Common Applications

Homes, Multi-Residential Earth Homes
Hotels, Business Centers, Warehouse Space
Schools, Hospitals, Waste Management
Tanks, Storage and Material Containment's

Unique Features


Flexx-Block®offers unique features such as exclusive living-hinge technology. LiteForm's patented living hinge improves economy, reduces shipping costs, simplifies handling, and reduces environmental impact without sacrificing performance.

Eliminate waste and reduce assembly time while using Internal Block Locks. Block Locks time common seams with a turn of the wrist.

Superior Results

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Structures constructed using Flexx-Block® ICF's are designed to last far longer then traditional methods. The use of the Flexx-Block® system conserves precious natural forest while promoting sustainable, green buildings that are an investment for the future.

For details on installation of a Flexx-Block® ICF walls click here.